For those who live in and love the town of Sarasota, nothing brings us more satisfaction than seeing the rest of the world discover what we’ve known for ages. For the second year in a row, U.S. News & World Report named Sarasota the top spot to retire. Naturally, we couldn’t agree more! Retiring in Sarasota, FL is a smart and deeply satisfying decision for people all over the country. We’re taking an insider look into what makes our city the best place to retire right here!

What Makes Sarasota the Best Place to Retire?

What makes Sarasota popular

Explaining in a single line or individual answer what makes Sarasota the best place to retire is challenging. Long story short: it’s the quality of life — but so much more than that, too. Discover 8 of the key advantages and attributes that make retiring in Sarasota, FL an incredible experience:

Top Rated Beaches Close at Hand

One of the main reasons that many people choose to retire in Florida is to have close access to the beach year-round. Not only does Sarasota have beautiful beaches, but it is minutes from Siesta Beach, one of the nation’s top beaches! Just one of the things that makes Siesta beach a must-see: the 99% quartz sand which feels most similar to powdered sugar!

While Siesta Beach is sure to become a favorite, it is just one of several bayfront beaches in Sarasota. Lido Beach is another favorite. For more fun and sun, the marina is in close proximity to the downtown and is always great for an afternoon of leisure. Chartering a boat to one of Sarasota’s six islands is always a fantastic choice!

Live Theatre & Entertainment

Chances are, you were expecting picturesque beaches in Florida, but Sarasota is also an active hub for live entertainment, particularly theatre. If you even have a passing interest in the performing arts, this will be one of the things that makes Sarasota the best place to retire. Some of the best theatre in all of Florida takes place in Sarasota — with four theatres that perform popular musicals, dramas, and comedies. In addition to those, you’ll find a prominent ballet and a dedicated opera company! Finally, the Van Wezel Performing Arts Center is a destination for nationally touring bands, singers, comedians, and famous Broadway productions.

Small Town Atmosphere

This is one of the truly exceptional things that makes Sarasota literally one-in-a-thousand. Those nationally rated beaches and widely renowned performing arts spaces come wrapped in the atmosphere of a small town. You’d expect to have to travel to Miami for culture and attractions of this caliber, but it’s all actually right outside your door! While everyone might not know each other’s names, the people of Sarasota are friendly and there’s no feeling of a large city’s hustle or bustle. One of the most charming examples of this small-town feel is the farmer’s market every Saturday morning in the middle of downtown. Truly, you’re getting the best of both worlds…in a truly gorgeous place.

Vibrant Nightlife for Everyone

Follow your days spent on the shimmering bay water with nights spent on the town. In Sarasota, you’ll find a truly diverse blend of different hotspots, from upscale restaurants and lounges to casual waterfront bars. No matter what experience you want to have, you’ll find multiple venues that cater to exactly what you’re looking for out of the evening!

Unbelievable Shopping

Not only is retirement the time to enjoy the experiences you’ve been dreaming of, but to shop the way you want, too. There are numerous boutiques dotting the downtown area which sell one-of-a-kind pieces that represent everything from clothing, to jewelry, to furniture. Of course, some of the nation’s top brands have a presence here, including Saks Fifth Avenue, Lululemon, Macy’s, Michael Kors, and so much more. Another dream-come-true for some, there is an official Lamborghini dealer right in downtown Sarasota. This is just another reason why Sarasota is the best place to retire — the very best and some of the flashiest commodities from around the world come to you.

Strong Medical Community

Although it may not be as eye-catching as quartz beaches or as exciting as the shopping potential, this is absolutely an essential if you’re considering retiring in Sarasota, FL. Firstly, there is a highly-rated hospital system and ER in the form of Sarasota Memorial Hospital. On top of that, there is a wide network of medical specialists able to treat any medical conditions or concerns you may have. This strong healthcare system means you’re very unlikely to need to leave town for the care you need.


There are numerous private and public golf courses minutes from downtown Sarasota offering both a full country club experience to a casual round of golf.

Walkable Downtown

While most Sarasota residents choose to have a car, it isn’t strictly necessary to access all of these enticing features. The downtown and the bayfront attractions are close enough at hand to be within walking distance of your home. This close proximity to the culture and bayfront of Sarasota is one of the defining features of our luxury condo complex, The Edge! Keep reading to learn more about The Edge right here!

Discover The Edge, A Lifestyle-Focused Luxury Condominium Complex

Condos popular for retirees

The Edge is a 27-unit luxury condominium complex being built in Sarasota. When it comes to The Edge, location and culture are everything. When you walk out of the lobby, you’re minutes from everything you want to do. In fact, that perfect proximity is what gave The Edge its name — because it’s home on the edge of BOTH downtown and the bayfront!

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We are anticipating a diverse community of people to call these secluded condominiums home. Since retiring in Sarasota, FL has never been more appealing, we expect The Edge to be home to astute retired couples as well.

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