Would you rather spend your time in tight, slow-moving traffic or take a leisurely walk to your desired destination? Almost everyone will choose the latter. That’s the essence behind the planning and development of walkable communities. Towns and cities are being designed to allow alternate means of transportation — this includes walking. Since our home of Sarasota is surrounded by a plethora of walkable neighborhoods, we’re exploring the benefits of walkable communities!

As the demand for an enhanced quality of life increases and designs are being revealed in more places, many are paying close attention to these pedestrian-friendly urban environments …and now more than ever, people of all ages are choosing to move to a walkable place. Explore the personal benefits of a walkable community right here!

Why to Love Walkable Cities

Sarasota is a walkable city

Walkable cities certainly allow cars (and many residents have them), but they aren’t met with the same degree of requirement as they are in suburban living areas. Places with higher degrees of walkability, like downtown Sarasota are created through careful planning, offering restaurants, grocery stores, retail shops, entertainment as well as medical, housing, and work opportunities — all in close-proximity.

While driving less has many advantages, we’re highlighting the benefits of walkable communities that enrich your life in a personal sense:


When you make walking a part of your daily routine, you reap the immense health benefits. Walking is a low impact way to maintain a good weight, strengthen cardio health, and enjoy other big-picture health benefits. By just replacing a short car ride with a steady walk, you can make a real impact on your health. Plus, if you like to bike, most walkable cities have features added to make cycling safe and convenient. Added bonus: if you wear a smartwatch, consider that your daily 10K footstep milestone will be hit almost every time you do errands!


In a place of enormous possibilities for food, culture, and shopping, getting off the beaten path is rewarding. However, as locked into our daily routines as many of us are, that can be easier said than done. When you drive, you get from points A to B directly and you may miss a lot of life along the way. When living in a walkable city, and making walking through it a habit, you’ll discover amazing pieces of your city that you never knew existed. In a place as vibrant as Sarasota, skipping a car ride just a few times can unearth some true hidden gems.

Cars Become Optional

For those living in certain communities (particularly in the suburbs), a car can feel like an absolute prerequisite to anything. Although you may not want to give up your car, you’ll have the freedom to do so in a walkable city. When everything you need on a regular basis is a short walk or ride from home, it can simplify life in the best way possible. Some consider this an advantage to save money on car payments and maintenance. For others, this benefit of a walkable community provides essential access to those who are not physically able to drive an automobile.

Less Traffic Means Less Stress

Whether you’re sitting in traffic or trying to walk through downtown during peak times, roadway congestion can be unpleasant. While even walkable cities have some degree of traffic, certain districts or neighborhoods will be more populated by pedestrians and far more peaceful. Our luxury condominium complex The Edge is located in the highly-walkable downtown — and was designed to facilitate life within walking distance.

The Edge, Built for Life Within Walking Distance

Perfect views for the Edge balcony

The benefits of a walkable community were an inspiration for us when envisioning The Edge. We were enchanted by the lively culture of Sarasota and wanted to build a space that brought it all together. The Edge — exquisitely designed in a walkable city.

The Edge is a 27-residence lifestyle-focused luxury condominium complex. All of the homes offer generous natural light, modern designs, and countless amazing amenities. From relaxing on your enormous outdoor terrace and unwinding in a spa-like bath retreat to experiencing the joy in owning a state-of-the-art kitchen, you’ll feel at home at The Edge.

Residences start at 2.1 million — contact us to see renderings and discuss calling The Edge home!